Make Love with Movies: Did you know that many women find erotic movies….when watched with a partner, an amazing (and erotic) aphrodisiac? It’s true…and while men tend to prefer these movies “alone”….women admit to LOVING to share these with their manExploration is Erotic: Did you know that a woman’s most SENSITIVE (and sexy) spots are often the areas that you pay the least attention to? Her back…her knees, her feet and more are ALL potentially the spots she would LOVE for you to explore! (but might not tell you unless you ask!)issing is Crucial! Newsflash: Just about every woman loves to kiss…and if she’s being honest with you, she’ll probably tell you that you DON’T do it enough! (try it tonight and watch her swoon)mbiance is extenze

Important, Too! Yes, a woman loves an erotic ambiance before she makes love….and this will make YOU (and the subsequent sex) feel better, sexier and far more satisfying than a dull, drab atmosphere to be intimate. (hint….candles, music, creative cuisine and more can make ANY room magical)Foreplay is Fantastic! Learn how to make sex last MUCH longer by spending lots of time focusing on HER. Fact: Foreplay is the easiest way for most women to achieve orgasm…and the MOST overlooked by men! (Tip: 10 minutes of foreplay is ALL most women need to orgasm almost every time….if you know what you’re doing!)ress her UP! You know women love to look sexy….right? And all women LOVE shopping for clothes..:-) Combine the 2 for making her FEEL super sexy before she hit’s the sack and you’ll have a wild woman on your hands who WANTS to pleaseTalk Dirty: Did you know that most women enjoy a little dirty talk? (some like a lot!) Amp UP her erotic engine by keeping the conversation flowing…..and letting her know EXACTLY what you want to do to her, and how!

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