The best way to dive into the studies and prepare for the board exams is to know the basic concepts and the topics covered in the academic year. The students eager to ace the board exams should pay attention to these tips that we have suggested in this article.


Preparing for the Board exams, Classes 10 or 12, can be quite challenging for the students. Students of all boards ranging from the ICSE, CBSE to State boards like CGBSE, Maharashtra, or a Kerala Board can learn to score well in the exams with these study strategies. If a student wants to prepare for the exams efficiently, then these tips are for them.

Strategies to Perform Well


Study daily:- Studying regularly helps to reduce the load. So, the students should learn the topics taught in class on the same day, rather than leaving everything for the exams. So, the primary tip is never to postpone or procrastinate the studies.


Revise the subject thoroughly:- Only preparing for the daily lessons is not enough. Make sure to have enough time to revise the topics thoroughly once or twice before the board exams. Revising as much as possible helps to learn the subject well.


Practice taking tests:- Now that a student has learned from the textbooks and other resources, it is time to check the progress or evaluate their exam preparation and performance. Solving question papers, sample papers, mock tests, previous year papers are the perfect solution for this. Honest and accurate evaluation is appreciated.


Revise again:- After analysing one’s performance and knowledge gap of a subject, students can also revise to bridge that knowledge gap. They can focus more on their weaker areas of studies and spend more time on subjects requiring attention.


Clear every doubt and do not memorize:- While preparing for the board exams, students have to be very careful. They have to first clear all the doubts they have about a topic or subject/ Randomly memorizing the concepts, or the topics of the syllabus will not work. There has to be a method for the exam preparation. This helps to build a strong foundation for the subject.


Key to Success is in Time-Management:- Just knowing the correct answers and learning how to write them correctly is not enough. During the exams, correct answers have to be written in a timely and efficient manner. Students can learn time-management by solving a lot of question papers.




Following these tips and strategies mentioned above religiously is likely to help the students ace the board exams for Classes 10th and 12th. So, all the students of these classes and all boards, including BSE Odisha, are urged to put in extra effort, hard work, and commitment to score high marks and make the parents proud.


Apart from these tips, students are also encouraged to rectify the errors as soon as they find them and avoid repeating them for the board exams. Correcting the mistakes beforehand is the most effective method to improve the performance for the board exams. Students should also take care of their health and should never approach the exams with tension. Thus, we see that a well-versed student who has mastered the topics covered in the syllabus will find it super easy to face the exams with more confidence.