Many people who are vocal about their opinions on Cash for Clunkers are saying they’re not impressed with the results either. Middle America is reporting that the Cash for Clunkers did very little to help them. People who couldn’t afford to buy cars before still can’t afford to buy cars and there is no indication that it’s any easier than it was before for them to get a loan. Cash For Cars Sydney

Families driving around old beat-up cars because they can’t afford anything newer and more economical are still driving around those same beat-up cars. Many people feel the program was a joke, especially since it was pushed from an environmental stand point.

The argument is that while it was pushed as a program that would get fuel inefficient vehicles off the streets and replace them with better fuel efficient versions, it didn’t really appear to do that. Most of the new vehicles that were being purchased were from Japan which did little to stimulate the US economy as well.

Still others who did purchase Toyotas or Hondas that were believed to be more fuel efficient had to do so by obtaining loans that are still very difficult to get. The cash-for-clunkers program didn’t do anything to make it easier for these people to obtain better cars. There are still millions of Americans who would probably like better cars and if given the choice and they could afford one, would also get a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

However, this particular program did not really help them with that in any way. People who couldn’t afford it before and couldn’t get a loan, still can’t afford it and still can’t get a loan. Another argument is that all this did for the environment was create a new problem by making the engines of these older vehicles inoperable. Now someone has to see to it that they are disposed of properly.


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