Getting a WordPress Theme to match your site’s content can be the in futility. I know, because I’ve been down that road. You can spend a lot of one’s time searching for complementary themes that almost hit the potential. Then you can spend more time trying to modify the theme you select, however not be satisfied but now results. But, there can be a better way. I use a very neat program called Artisteer-2 to design my themes.

The first evidences of duplicate content produced through your wordpress CMS can be discovered in your sidebar. These types of category pages and monthly/daily archives. Category pages store your articles posted under the same topic — a category. Such pages have zero unique content; they are simply a collection of one’s previous content material. Monthly and daily archives also simply group your previous articles through the date of posting. Sometimes when in order to only one post in the given day, the archive page for the date and your post are totally similar.

Once installed you can observe the stats in less than 20 moments. It also uses the added purpose of not such as the hits of logged on users, could be especially handy if you are constantly updating and adding new poles.

Installing brand new theme is very easy. From the inside of your WordPress Administrative Dashboard, on the left hand side, click on “Appearance” and then on “Themes.” On this page you’ll see the current theme you have installed. Purchasing are observing wpbloglab install you’ll probably just are aware of the standard default theme. In the top of those page you will notice two tabs; one for “Manage Themes” and another for “Install Themes.” You got it right – push the “Install Themes” bill.

Generally (and this is a huge generalization), you more features and flexibility with reasonably limited theme. Go ahead and check the premium theme features immediately after which it compare together with free style wordpress plugin . Generally you’ll see a trend that obtain more features with reduced template.

When you demo a theme be certain look after dark home page demo post, pages, because key pages included with the theme. It’s also advisable to check the actual functionality with regard to example search ability, site navigation and category or tag lists.

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