iPod music downloads are often accessible nowadays with so many sites offering online music downloads for the iPods. There are a handful of download sites available in the market. So what’s the difference between every one of them? Let’s go on a short tour to teach ourselves before we click for our next iPod music download.

There are mainly 3 forms of iPod music youtube to mp3 download sites. All of them use a different business model. One group of them charges you for either per music download, or monthly subscription for a restricted amount of song or music downloads. Another band of them charges you a flat fee for lifetime usage of unlimited iPod music download. The 3rd group offers you music MP3 files free of charge. One quick glance and we might jump to the final outcome that free must be the best choice. The truth cannot be further from that as we unravel the neater details of each group, and compare them with regards to pricing, download speeds, security and protection in downloading and the selection of music files.

Monthly Subscription/Pay Per iPod Music Download Sites

Let’s identify many of these sites. The downloading speeds are in 128 to 192 kilobytes per second (kbps). iTunes, the primary iPod music download site falls into this group of course. It costs $0.99 per track, $9.90-$13.99 per album. Other sites include eMusic, MusicMatch, Walmart etc which charge about slightly lesser than $1 per song download, $7-$15 per album and $15 monthly subscription. These music download sites offer catalogues of between 500,000 to 1 1.5 million iPod downloads. Downloading online music at these sites is secured, and you could be rest assured that it does not expose one to unnecessary viruses or adware attacks.

Free iPod Music Download Sites

You may already be familiar with some of the names of the iPod music download sites like Limewire, Kazaa and IMesh. There are no costs associated with downloading music MP3s from these file sharing networks for your iPod. There are millions of music files designed for downloading. File sharing is not necessarily illegal if the piece of music you have downloaded isn’t copyrighted. Unfortunately, there is a shroud around the issue of legality at these file sharing networks.
Downloading copyrighted iPod music is obviously against copyright laws. Anything else appears to be absolutely fine and safe. Reserve this legality issue, you should be worried about adware, spyware and harmful virus attacks when downloading from this site. If you do not have important documents in your computer, then it shouldn’t frustrate you too much. However, I’d still advise you to obtain the very best anti-virus and adware, spyware protection software to protect your PC. It’s simply not worth it to lose all of your computer’s data for the cheap thrill of free music.

Sites that offer Flat Fee for Lifetime Access to Unlimited iPod Music Downloads

These are the new kids on the block. For a one-time fee as low as $40 dollars or less, you get a lifetime membership to these iPod music download sites. You can find no limitations on the amount of music files or albums you would like to download. Downloading music MP3s is straightforward as the interface is dummy-proof and professional instruction tutorials are handed for you to guide you along. These sites understand the importance of IT security. You’ll get a suite of anti-virus, adware protection software to ensure that your PC is similar to a fortress against these harmful elements. Worries of being exposed to viruses, adware and spyware is very unfounded when accessing to iPod music downloads at these sites. However, you need to be careful as some sites are now masquerading as these flat-fee membership sites, promising to offer the sky but are needless to say unable to deliver the quality we would expect.

I hope these tips are handy for you. For more information about one-time membership sites, visit my blog that is packed with tips on what to look out for in an excellent download site and read a review of the top-performing sites for iPod music downloads today.

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