The fact that hard times pass is little consolation to those enduring them. Economic prosperity swings in cycles, bringing success and wealth to industries in periods of plenty, before bringing lean times of scarcity that one must endure until the better times return. But knowing an economic downturn can run its course does not help businesses and workers survive a lack of income and resources.This is no less the case in the courier industry. Hence it is vital that couriers know how to prepare for times that reap more chaff than hay.Reduce vehicle costsIf you rely on owner driver jobs, you may operate with merely one van or two. When the industry loses its lustre and work contracts shrivel, it can seem that you have invested all your funds on a venture for an insufficient reward. But, even though you cannot trim from a mighty fleet that you do not have, you can still cut back on vehicular costs. Downsizing your van to a more efficient model, working out tighter routes, and planning your fuel expenses to the letter can save money where you thought there was no money to be saved.Find return loads

Expansion is hardly the primary aim of a small business in dire economic seasons. But even those who get by on owner driver jobs need to grow and compete to survive in tough times. This is where an assiduous approach to return loads can come in handy. When it is too difficult to expend money on new routes and new clients, filling return legs with valuable paid cargo and eliminating the burden of dead mileage can suddenly bring about unexpected dividends. These rewards can stave off the brunt of a financial crisis in the industry and the market.Implement low-scale marketingWhile it is tough to maintain grandiose ambitions of a burgeoning client list when it’s tough even trying to pay the bills, you still need to have enough owner driver jobs to make a profit. And since tough times mean many clients will be cutting down on contracts, this often means you still need to find a way to be competitive when attracting new work. Low-scale and savvy marketing plans can make the difference. Using social media, industry forums, local advertising and targeted promotions can ensure you still have enough business to stay out of the red on your balance sheet.Utilise technologyWhen work is plentiful and the industry is booming, everyone seems eager to hunt down the latest and flashiest technological innovation. Such tools are quickly dismissed as extravagant trappings when there is an economic downturn. But if you rely on owner driver jobs you should still look to modern technology to save you time and money. Online courier exchanges, communication tools and operational software are often low-cost for a high reward in efficiency.Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world’s largest neutral trading hub for same dayn the express freight exchange industry. Over 2,500 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment.


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